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جمــــــــهوری اســــــــلامــــــــی ايــــــــران 

Islamic Republic of Iran



Iran is a very beautiful country located in the heart of the Middle East. A historic country with beautiful sights that attract lots of tourists from various parts of the world to the country.
In the Old Testament, the Bible is mentioned Iran as Persia and Media paradise on earth. Where the people are hospitable and open our arms to strangers. Even the king Cyrus, king of Persia is the messiah and the just king who has treated people with justice.
Unfortunately, not Iran, known as a tourist spot for most Swedes, and why we in Skåne has started a visitor to present Iran and attracts tourists to see Iran and enjoying the weather, food, antiquarian engines and society with their own eyes. A mysterious country with precious culture, poetry, Sufism, love and attractions.
Consider traveling to Iran?
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Tourist areas:

RELIGIOUS architectures

n00136714-b.jpg Hazrat-abdolazim-Hasani-shrine-160.jpg? Itok = 2H95TNAw

Hazrat Masoumeh- Qom

Imam Reza- Mashhad

Hazrat Abdolazim- Rey



The city Tabriz- East Azerbaijan

Tehran nights

old Bazaar

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Travel in the desert

Ski in northern Iran

At sea northern Iran


Tourist area, south of Iran. city of Kish a pearl in the Persian Gulf


historical monuments


The famous physician Avicenna's tomb in Hamedan- South of Iran Cyrus the Great's tomb in Persepolis. Cyrus commended in the Bible. Omar Khayyam's tomb. Poet and scientist-Nishapor East Iran Father of Iran's history Ferdousi who is known for his Shahnameh

historical monuments

Old House of Sand and clay Old standard Tehran modern building
Iranian souvenirs, delicacies and gifts
Iranian Caviar Sour and scratchy. It makes the food yummier Iranian dried fruits (Dates, figs & Peaches) Iranian carpet with various colorful patterns from nature or history Iranian nuts and dried fruit. Worth trying
Iranian food
Iranian bread
Nan Sangak, Stone oven baked bread Nan Barbari (sesame bread) Nan Taftoon and Lavash
Examples of fruits Iranian
_image_1464695733.jpg _image_1464695733.jpg
Iranian Sharon (Khormaloo) Iranian Plums Iranian Peach


Iranian Pomegranate Iranian honey / watermelon Iranian figs
Examples of Iranian nuts
_image_1464695733.jpg 1930171.jpg? Ts = 1465445058251 _image_1464695733.jpg
Iranian juicy fleshy dates Iranian walnuts Iranian almonds Iranian pistachio
Examples of Iranian cakes
Various cakes and pastries Iranian Zolbiya Bamie Iranian BAKLAVA


SHO'LE ZARD GAZ from Isfahan
Examples of food Iranian


1930171.jpg? Ts = 1465445058251

Various forms of Kebab

Ashe Reshte (vegetarian)

Ghormeh Sabzi (Beef Stew)

Zereshk POLO BA morgh (rice and chicken) Salad Shirazi (Special Salad from the south-eastern Iran Iranian snack (Noon Panir) Cheese sandwich

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